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Yes, we are open 24 hours however we are staffed 9am-6pm. We also offer personalized workouts that you can access from your cell phone.
We offer physical therapy, boot camps, customized meal plans, and custom classes.
Monthly, Yearly and Month to Month memberships are available. Contact us for more info

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Who we train

Everyone! We have certified personal trainers, as well as a licensed physical therapists to help anyone and everyone get started on their fitness journey.

How we train

Smarter not harder... .How we train depends on what it is you are training for. Regardless of the client, our training is all done through TrainHeroic, an amazing programming software that allows the trainer and trainee access to the program 24/7 via your smartphone

Our Philosophy

Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Here at Jfit Studios our philosophy is always evolving just like the fitness industry. There is always new data, research, diets, workouts, etc. How do we stay ahead of the game? Technology.

The sport coaches

Certified Personal Trainer
Master Trainer
Boot Camp Instructor

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Address: 9642 Jones Rd

Telephone: 281-807-9160

Email: jfithtx@gmail.com